So this is Christmas

Yay! The Powderfinger concert DVD at last!

Well, technically here in Perth it’s actually Boxing Day, but I love John Lennon, so indulge me in the title won’t you?


Oh boy is it hot. I am so very glad we have airconditioning. As I write this about 4.30pm, it’s 36.3c and that’s the hottest for the day..bit late in the day to get a maximum temp hey? But I guess that’s coz the wind’s died down. When i got up early this morning the wind was crazy, I haven’t seen wind like that since our freak storm back in March (for those that don’t know we got about 3mths worth of rain in one day).

I love my little sister. Especially now she lives near Haigh's.

Anyhoo…another year’s worth of turkey, chocolate (I never want to see another freaking Lindor ball again. I don’t actually like them that much…did anyone get a Cadbury stocking they want to swap me for them?!) and pressies.

Christmas eve we did our usual formal meal (just the two of us) before sitting down to watch “Love Actually”. It’s our little Christmas tradition…Jas’ spent the preceding month giving me a countdown until we go to watch it. Haha. This year we were given some money by his Mum to get something nice so we got a Mondo’s turkey breast roll with the veal, mushroom and pinenut stuffing that my family always used to get when I was a kid. It came out PERFECTLY and tasted like proper turkey (coz it was), not like that overly salty crap you buy in a box at the supermarket.

The bikkies I made

Christine's Christmas table.

After spending last year on my own and the year before that well…not fun at all, this one was pretty good. Jas and I went to his brother’s, everyone took some food. We took some of the leftover turkey and I made up a batch of my fabulous peanut butter & choc chip cookies which Jas wrapped up beautifully. Christine (Jason’s brother’s partner) decorated everything beautifully and put so much effort in, it was great. The food highlight was her brother’s Key Lime cheesecake. Oh my GOD.

My a-dork-able Husband, Jas sitting in the kiddy chair coz he likes to pretend he's a giant. At 6'4" he really doesn't need to pretend.

Just a few adjustments & this could be the perfect toy.




















Our nephew was in a really good mood, which was a relief and he seemed to like the blocks we got him. Wow he learns really quick for however old he is…about a year and a half or something? He had this awesome toy that you hit a button and balls go down a funnel then shoot up in the air. I thought it was the best thing ever…especially once I decided that next time I visit, I’m going to try filling it full of Malteasers….. πŸ˜‰

My Brother-in-law Darren reading to his son, Adam.













Today the sales have started. Normally I stay well away. I’d planned to stay away today as well coz of the heat etc, but then I found out that Lush, the shop my gift voucher was for was having 50% off all their Christmas goodies, so we jumped on the train and off we went, coming away with a massive haul. The Body Shop was great too, I got their last bottle of Peach showergel and Satsuma’s been re-released for the sales so yay! I’m going to be smelling sweet all summer long. Jas managed to track down one of my fave perfumes too, Exclamation by Coty. It’s hard to get it but it was the first perfume I ever owned after receiving it for my 13th birthday back in 1994.

Pressies & the Boxing Day sales haul.

Right… I better go. There’s still some turkey to nom before Hubby gets to it and I have to finish my Etsy custom orders for the Christmas money my sister sent me.

Have a great break!

Kell =)


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