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Welcome to my new site!

Hello! Here we are at last, the new Blackcurrant Photography website, live on WordPress.

It’s been a long and very tiring job, but I’m so pleased with the results!

I registered the business name ‘Blackcurrant Photography’ back on the 19th July 2010. Five months later, I’m onto website number 2, have a stronger focus, a great little group of followers both of the blog and on Twitter and have passed my Diploma. 2011 is so full of possibilities and I’m so excited!

With the new website, I’ve taken a great WordPress theme “Structured” and customised it. The background is one I designed myself and you will now find galleries, examples of my work and (hopefully) a clearer idea on what I offer. The blog is still here as it’s one of my favourite aspects of the site, and don’t you just love the new ‘feature picture’ headings?!

It’s time to update your links and feeds.

If you normally read the blog by visiting the site then you probably don’t need to do anything – shortly I’ll be changing the domain redirection over so that http://www.blackcurrantphotography.com.au comes directly to WordPress.

If you receive your updates via email or RSS (Atom, Feedburner) feeds you will need to update your links. Please visit the site at http://www.blackcurrantphotography.wordpress.com and click subscribe by email (or the RSS logo).

For those reading via Google Reader or WordPress, please add http://www.blackcurrantphotography.wordpress.com to your reading lists/blogroll.

Please enjoy looking around the new site and for those of you celebrating the holidays next week, have a wonderful, relaxing and safe time.


Kell =)

P.S. I went to visit my lovely Nanna a couple of weeks ago to see her new place. Her name’s Edna and she’s 90 next July (she still giggles like a schoolgirl though – you should see her with a bag of Malteasers!). Thanks to my Mum for taking the pics.

Nanna and Me - December 2010
Me & my beautiful Nanna, Edna.
Me & my beautiful Nanna, Edna.
I think cheeky smiles are hereditary


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