Portraiture / Studio & location


These spring portraits have a significantly different feel to the ones I took of Alison and Graham back in October, although technically they are still in the same season.

I’ve been taking portraits for many years now – I first picked up a SLR in 1997. Over that time, I’ve found that especially with my black and white work, I lean towards high contrast images. When using film I would almost always go with the higher ISOs as I like the grain but even now I’m using digital, I still love those deep blacks and crisp whites.

These images are all starring my friends and have been taken between October and now. The ones of Gemma are in the studio following me assisting her with her fine art project :amazing work using medium format film to do multiple exposures expressing self, chakras, spirituality etc……..and the ones of Alanna (who takes beautiful romantic images – I’ll share ours soon) were taken in natural light ย then post processed.

They are all more in the traditional realm than the fine-art portraits I’d like to move towards, yet I love them too. I really enjoy taking photos of people. There’s something special about capturing personality and emotion and I do try to make each portrait unique to that person whilst still imparting my style. I hope this comes across.


Gemma panelAlanna panel


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