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Post #50, let’s play a game…

Ahh it’s a day of mixed emotions, but the good news is that I’ve finally finished my course! Cards given, hugs exchanged, much girly hand shaking and jumping up and down on my part, coffees drunk and applications for awards lodged (because apparently you don’t just get given a piece of paper, you have to ask for it).

 I’m done!!! I remember sitting terrified in that first class back in February after having left all the people I’d worked with for three years and walking into a room where I knew nobody (and yet they all knew each other). I never thought I’d actually get through the whole year, it was only about 6 weeks ago that I was on the verge of throwing my hands up and dropping half my classes because I wasn’t well and I was sick of being broke – but I managed to get through it with everything handed in on time. Nobody’s said anything to make me believe I haven’t passed, so fingers crossed that when results come out (and I have no idea when that is) that I’m done and dusted.I’ve organised a leisurely picnic by the river for a couple of weeks’ time for us all to catch up once the pressures of folios (for those continuing) and the exhibition (for those graduating Adv. Dip. students) are out of the way.

Speaking of the exhibition, that’s at Gallery Central, 12 Aberdeen st Perth from 2 โ€“ 4 Dec, hours: 10-4.45 weekdays, 12-4 Sat.

Now to that game I mentioned. Well most of us have Lotto dreams, I know I do – my most elaborate involves a castle in Ireland with a bowling alley in it and my mates U2 coming around to play a few private concerts………. Anyway!
In the comments, post up to 6 completely unlikely things you’d do in 2011 if money, time and location were no object and then post another 6 things that you aren’t doing NOW, but could possibly achieve with some effort and dedication in 2011.Here’s mine –

Unlikely things:

  • Spend a heap of money buying up awesome objects then set up a prop library. 
  • Finish my right arm tattoo by getting a whole sleeve of native Australian flowers. 
  • Buy every single pair of Doc Martens I’ve seen on the Doc Martens USA site and better yet get them custom made at the UK factory. 
  • Buy an entire row of those cute terraced houses in North Melbourne…so I could live in Melbourne without having to live next door to anyone. One could be a chocolate shop and another a studio.
  •  Help my Hubby with setting up our dream music venue. Think Empire Records or 78s but with a soundproofed basement, cafe, rehearsal space and photo gallery/studio….although having said that, his dream venue involves having bands that sound like they dragged in the cat…. 
  • Travel all over the UK and Europe…try not to make it too obvious that I’m stalking Bono, Bernard Fanning and Johnny Depp.

 Oh drat, ran out of room.
Ok, 6 possibly achievable things.

  • Get myself a great job with a friendly, well balanced creative team working as a Photographer and layout etc in an advertising/PR environment with opportunities to travel interstate.
  • Have a truly awesome Photographer I admire want to mentor me, work with me and pay me decent money (hmm maybe this belongs above).
  • Move somewhere nice along the Freo trainline so we can go to more cafes, etc and I can reduce the amount of driving I do.
  • Learn a musical instrument – maybe that damn bass guitar of Jason’s that’s been gathering dust for 8 years. 
  • Spend that big scary birthday chilling out on a South West beach (preferably Denmark) with a trip to a day spa, some great food, my camera and no obligations to celebrate with others. 
  • Get my work published and sold. 

 Hmmm… well I have a bunch of photo editing to do and a cat that wants his dinner, so over to you…


2 thoughts on “Post #50, let’s play a game…

  1. Sounds like a good list to me. Jay and I will definitely be coming to visit the chocolate shop!humm, what would I do with some millions – well, I think buy a cute shack like place in Bunker Bay or Dunsbrough and just chill out for ever. I dont need flash cars or anything, just enough money to have a good life and be able to see my kids lots.Travel is fun too, I'd go back to Venice for a few months – was the most amazing place and I really need to see it again. Also Vietnam, Cambodia, China – would all be amazing places if I had time – which is what the money brings you!

  2. Unlikely: Travel o/s, interstate and local to spend time in style with friends. Likely: ph and penpal notes and photos. Unlikely: A settled home with intelligently designed, that fits lightly and well on the planet, and around me. Likely: Full disability access home at last.Unlikely: A fulltime, non live-in household manager – secretary, chauffeur, personal shopper, landscaper, assistant, researcher, cook, dietician, masseur – you get the idea. Likely: Less of these things get done as I'm enjoying real life a little more. Unlikely: A Gazillion dollars – really ? Friends, home, travel, help just about covers it. Better health. Priceless. Likely: Stick to what works, and appreciate the company along the way. Unlikely: See all my favourite comedians in person – Billy Connelly ( the aromatherapy rant ), Robin Williams, Graham Norton, Laurie and Fry, and the women on the circuits… Likely: Recordings. Remember, set and forget, then take prn. Unlikely:

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