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When I grow up.

Hands up who else now has that ‘Garbage’ song stuck in their head? 😉

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be leaving college for the second time (hopefully with a Diploma), and turning my thoughts yet again to that old question “What do you want to do when you finish school?”, a strange thought to ponder at twenty…..something.

One thing is for certain, this time around I don’t want to fall into just any old job purely to make some money. I’ve done my time in places where dreams go to die and now it’s time to be choosy. After all, it’s my life and we’ve just invested a lot of time and money to better it.

While some people I’ve met seem to stumble into their fields by a process of elimination, a hobby they developed or simply being in the right place at the right time, I guess the signs were always there that I was going to either be a photographer, or do something artistic. Apart from having no head for anything beyond basic mathematics and a fairly vacant look if you mention anything too technical (I have no idea or care for how my car works for example), I am a very visually stimulated person. It’s great. I love writing, I love creating things, I love taming light to create beautiful images, just don’t ask me how to evenly cut a cake into anything other than quarters or eights! Considering I’m going to eat most of it anyway, what’s the point?! This isn’t to say I’m not intelligent, I consider myself to be both a fast learner and great teacher, especially with computer programs, it’s just I’m programmed differently.

So, naturally, after about the age of 10, the concept of becoming an architect was out of the question. Thank heavens for The Sims eh? 😉

Back to the signs as to me being a photographer.

My baby album is still in fantastic condition, twenty…something years later. It’s a beautiful leather bound album, Hendriks I believe, that my Dad put together over my first 20 months or so. Personally, I don’t see the need for so many photos of something sleeping but hey, that’s just something parents seem to do. Mum also put together many family photo albums and unlike my brother and sister I would spend hours pouring over them as I was growing up. Luckily, the photo albums are one of the precious things I managed to keep for myself when my family disbanded a few years ago. Sadly, nobody has any idea where the videos have got to.

Me, aged 3, with my friend Brett.

Christmas at Hilite 33 (C lounge) ~1987.
When I wasn’t looking at photos, I was taking them. I have box fulls and spent a good chunk of my youth traipsing back and forth to Rabbit Photo with my latest films. Most of them were terrible, but it was all practice for the future. The earliest photo I can find of me holding a camera, I was about 3 or 4. I don’t know if that one it worked or if it was merely given to me as a toy, but I was given my first working camera for Christmas when I was 6. I’m hazy on the actual dates, (not that it really matters) but I’m pretty sure it was 1987. I still have that camera and it still works which is pretty cool. It’s not what you’d call a toy camera, it was a proper point and shoot for its time. It’s not something I really have a use for today, but it’s nice to have it.

It’s aaalllliiiivvvveee!

Toy cameras both interest and confuse me. I get confused that in this age of amazing technology people actually want to take photos with light leaks, flare and weird colour shifts, but at the same time, I can see some instances where that ‘vintage’ look is both fun and appropriate…a vintage fashion shoot for example. Not so much in the case of food blogging with the Hipstamatic app. Unless you’re into a Dr Seuss style breakfast and all. But yes, I can see the appeal in terms of fun and experimentation.

In our technical photography class, people often bring in old cameras they’ve found for us all to have a look at and maybe to even see if we can get them working. The latest find by one of my classmates is a camera that shoots 3D. It’s not new technology, it’s quite old. It has 4 lenses, all in a row and the sample image in the box is similar to those lenticular pictures we used to get on rulers and storybooks in the 80s. I think the current decision is to put through some slide film and then sandwich the images together to see what happens. Personally. I’m hanging out for moving photos like they have in Harry Potter, but sadly I think that’s going to have to stay in my wishful thinking box along with my real lightsaber and a hoverboard.

Viewmaster with Rainbow Brite slides

Polaroid iZone camera.
I have three novelty type cameras that I’m hoping to do various projects with one day. One is my Polaroid izone (circa 1999ish) which takes ~35mm sized Polaroids. I have one 12 image cartridge left, so perhaps it’ll get used in some 1 photo a month project next year. Another item I love is my 1980s Viewmaster toy which I dug out to show my technical class when we did stereoscopy a few weeks ago. It seems a bit of a pain to create images that small, but maybe down the track I’ll have a bash at making my own Viewmaster wheels, who knows?

Then there’s this. It’s called a Supasnaps camera and apparently it takes Snappit film, which I’ll hazard a wild guess in assuming it no longer exists. I’m sure everyone has one of those rellies that gives you a present with all good intentions but it’s missing the one thing that makes it work (?) I’m not talking about the simple omission of batteries either. Well the Supasnaps camera is one of those presents. Eternally frustrating, as in 20 odd years, it’s never been able to be used as anything other than a toy. Which sadly, is probably the way it will always stay.

As per usual, I have gone off on a tangent, still related to photography, but a tangent none-the-less. In answer to that old question, the simple answer is that I want to be a photographer. The longer one is that I want to learn, teach, create, write (maybe another of my fave bands need an official blogger?) and above all, keep having fun. The girl dares to dream.


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