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The Salt

The salt-0475

Last week, Photography students from Central’s Perth campus met up with music students from Central’s Leederville campus to shoot some location band photos for our Illustrations class. It was poorly organised administratively (who was at fault, I’m not sure) but instead of liasing with band managers so that bands ended up with a combination of live performance, studio and location shots, we ended up with a hastily organised trip to the Leederville campus to shoot around the campus. The challenge (for me at least) to make the photos not look like they were shot in a school.

The Salt-9999-2

I ended up working with Perth band “The Salt”, a group of three guys, Aaran, Steve & Benn who play grunge rock. When prompted for some influences Aaron mentions post grunge ’85-95′ and mentions Nirvana and Sonic Youth….but as I didn’t properly interview them, I’m going to leave those curious readers to check that out with them in case I get it wrong. The benefit of working with these guys was that their music is a style I am familiar with and I would probably listen to, so I was already a few steps ahead in that I had a reasonable idea of how similar bands are presented.

The salt-0464-2 The salt-0001

The guys asked me for a gritty look to the photos and mentioned Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ cover as a reference point as well as telling me they liked the 3200iso look and over-saturated colours. I worked with these requests but also added my own twist. As the band is called ‘The Salt’, I wanted to work with the light tones in the room and go for a very gritty, high contrast look. The room we were working in was in various states of renovation, so I wanted to try and convey the idea that they had just moved into a new rehearsal space. We could’ve done with a few more boxes, but as I said earlier, it was all very last minute. I think we did well considering.

After the shots of The Salt, I was introduced to Jason, the singer of their second band, The Verge. The Verge is a completely different style of music despite having all three members of The Salt in it. Jason tells me that The Verge is more funk/pop and mentions John Mayer as an influence and a few others I’m not really familar with. A change of venue is in order and we head down the road to local cafe Greens and Co. However I’m not convinced there is enough distinction between the two bands in these photos, so I hope to liase with them to take some vastly different shots to those I took of The Salt (hence why no Verge pics here).

Anyway, enough talk. Enjoy the photos!

On Bass Guitar – Benn Webb
The salt-0478-2 The salt-0505-2

On the drums – Steve Parker
The salt-0508-2 The salt-9997-2

And on guitar and vocals – Aaran Gicquel
The salt-9995-2


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