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She bakes, she blogs.

Brazil nut cookies, homemade by me.

You guys know the drill by now!

So when exactly did I get the opportunity to bake given how busy my school schedule is at the moment? Well yesterday I actually gave myself the day off. I challenged myself to go the whole day without doing anything for school. No working on assignments, no taking photos, just the whole day for me. In fact, the idea was so alluring I even started early and let myself have some time to myself on Thursday night too.

So what? Well, people keep telling me I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I rarely have any down time. I’m pretty go-go-go, which is borderline ironic as I’m an arts student and we have this (somewhat incorrect) image of being lazy. Oh how I wish for lazy! My Husband may argue with me here and say that I already am…but in my opinion housework doesn’t count. Teehee. Anyway, spending the whole day to myself was a challenge, I’m quite out of practice and I will admit to deviating slightly as I had to squeeze in both a visit to college to pick up some equipment and also dropped in to visit Ash at Camera Electronic (Hi Ash!) and pick up some more materials for my never-ending assignments…but I digress.

Backstage at GNW in Perth, December 1998
Backstage at Rocky Horror, Star City, Sydney, October 1998

Thursday I got to sit down and watch my Doug Anthony Allstars dvd all by myself. ‘Here’s a shopping list Jas honey, seeya later!”.

I will happily admit to being a complete comedy groupie in my younger years and along with a very long list of other comedians and musicians, I’ve had the pleasure to meet both Paul McDermott and Tim Ferguson on a couple of occasions (Paul in Perth in 98, Tim in Sydney in ’98 and here in Perth in 99 or 00). Β Tim is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I hope to get the chance to speak with him again one day. I was 18 and he was in town being MC at a job fair. Not only did he kindly ring my best friend for her 21st birthday, he was kind enough to sit down and chat to me over lunch when there was a break in proceedings. It was great.

Anyway, Friday was spent getting up to date on a long serial I started writing in 1999. I’ve added to it over the years but it remains unfinished so yesterday I sat down, read all 470ish pages and then started a new chapter. That was immensely rewarding. And now, the characters keep popping into my head, urging me to go on. I have a little notebook beside me to jot down all the bits and pieces so that their story can finally be finished.

During one of my breaks from reading, writing and looking up DAAS clips on Youtube the peanut butter and Nutella jars conspired against me. Use us, use us! I had a quick peruse of Jamieanne’s blog, my first port of call for any baking adventure but then decided to use my standard peanut butter cookie recipe (originally discovered on a packet of CSR brown sugar) and instead of using the full amount of peanut butter, I alternated half with the Nutella and swapped the choc chips for chopped brazil nuts (my late Grandad’s favourite). Yum.

Sadly, these didn’t taste like chocolate peanut like I’d been craving but they sure are delicious. The flavour is predominantly brazil nut with a twist of brown sugar. Very nice.

The bowls in the picture are brand new little glass bowls from IKEA. They look like a bubble cut in half and I joked to Jason that somebody very crafty could probably use them very creatively in a homemade bikini contest…who knows? But I can tell you that it won’t be me…

The second set of images are the ‘rejects/offcuts’ from my studio food platter assignment. I actually really like them, it’s just that they are my creative licence and not the ones for the brief. I am putting some of these up for sale on my Redbubble shop so make sure you check in there soon. I didn’t make these passionfruit heart biscuits, they are courtesy of Cookie Man at David Jones and I can tell you they are so very, very nice.

Thanks for staying with me through this long, long post. Stay tuned as there’s lots going on here in Kell-land. I have some photos yet to come of Perth band ‘The Salt’ and hopefully will also be able to bring you some images taken during my recent trip to the Saturday markets at Mondos in the coming weeks.

Take care!


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