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Live on Redbubble!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that you can now purchase quality print replications of my work via my new Redbubble site! It is very exciting having a formal shop at last. I personally researched the site as part of my Photo Business class (where I had to present a tutorial to the class on the benefits etc) and as the final assessment for that class involves launching an online gallery, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I am over the moon with the reception I’ve received at Redbubble. I’d been on the site less than 24hrs and was in position #1 on the first page of the featured art section with so many lovely comments. I’m so pleased! *blush* I’ve also noticed that this is just 3mths (tomorrow) since registering my business name and starting this blog. Wow, it feels like much longer than that!

There I am, top left!

All the production and payments are handled by Redbubble here in Australia and they will ship to you internationally. You can purchase cards, laminated prints (like a glossy poster) and prints mounted on gatorboard. Choices vary by image to ensure that a) you get the best quality for the product you’ve chosen and b) that the image is presented in the way I intended it to be shared ie – some images are illustrations for cards so that you can add to them with your own heartfelt words. Others are simply for you to put on your wall and ponder over.

You may notice when visiting that the option to have canvas, matted or framed prints has not been activated. These options are still available, but by custom order from me as I would like to work with you to choose the best presentation option for your needs and the image you’d like. Please contact me by email for any enquiries.

The Redbubble site is still a work in progress as it’s crunch time at school, however I am open to suggestions and feedback if there’s a particular image you’re interested in seeing there. Please bear with me and I’m sure there will be plenty to see in coming months.

“But Kell, don’t you already have an Etsy shop?”
Why yes, I do, and it’s still there for you to buy OOAK (one of a kind) jewellery pieces, ACEOs, giftware and one-off prints put together by me and shipped with love. This is just another way to enjoy my work.

Talk to you again soon,
Kell =)


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