Australian wildflowers / Fine art

Spring paintbox

It’s back to school time tomorrow. It’s been nice having a couple of weeks off. I can’t say I really rested or stopped working during that time, but it was a blessing to sleep in late and eat proper meals for a change! It also gave me a chance to spend some precious time with Jas as well as do some of my own work, including working on some new Moo businesscards – that was a learning-curve adventure! But now I know about converting text to shapes and creating vector based PDFs for CYMK printing.

It’s springtime here in Perth and you really don’t have to venture too far to enjoy the lovely wildflowers. I’ve made several trips out over the last 6 weeks, taking advantage of my new camera and some lenses I borrow from TAFE – I’m really going to miss the 60mm macro and the carbon fibre tripod with pistol grip when I finish college.

One of the assignments I’ve had to work on these holidays was a tutorial about online retail options for photographers, showing a comparison of Etsy and Redbubble. Obviously there are for and against with each store but Redbubble is looking like a positive step for selling my work as prints, calendars etc. I’m quite excited about the possibility and look forward to starting a store there when I have a little more time.

Another project is my ongoing fine art assignment. Any excuse to photograph flowers! When I shoot film, I also like to shot some digital too. Below are some of the lovely things I’ve had the pleasure to witness over the last 6 weeks. Enjoy!






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