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How sentimental…

Tins & rolling pin lent to me by my Aunty Glenys for props.

It’s hard for me not to connect the words “how sentimental” to Rocky Horror, but this has nothing to do with that most awesome of movies. No, this post is about twice-baked cookies, flowers, hoarding and the occasional transgression to wishing I was sweet 16 again (although plenty will say that at 16, I rarely managed sweet).

Let’s start with the cookies. I’ve been sick as a dog with a headcold this week. I still am, but nothing seems to cheer me up like eating chocolate does so baking was in order. I decided to have a second attempt at making those choc-pistachio cookies. This time actually following the instructions instead of improvising with patty cases.
Instead of using the Maya Gold on the top, this time I used Green and Black’s white chocolate and piped it onto the top using disposable Glad piping bags and a great metal piping nozzle (unfortunately I can’t remember the brand, but I think I bought it at Matchbox).

Cookies before second baking.

These just didn’t taste as amazing as the pods I’d made. It’s possible it’s our gas fan-forced oven. It always seems to take twice as long to cook anything as the recipes state and the fan in it works intermittently after powercuts. It’s a pain in the bum but until we win Lotto and can afford to stop renting and buy a house with a massive new kitchen, I’m stuck with it. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what it was about them, maybe it was just me being sick but they didn’t taste right and they came out a bit ‘meh’. To be more descriptive (although meh pretty much sums it up) they were a bit greasy and limp. It didn’t stop Jason and I shovelling at least 10 into ourselves in a couple of hours, but we weren’t as enamoured with them as we could’ve been.

So I decided to take the risk to bake them again, knowing there was a high chance I’d ruin the beautiful white chocolate squiggles. I put them back in again for another 5-10 minutes. The white chocolate did go a little tan and crumbly, but it wasn’t altogether ruined and the bikkies ended up tasting nice and crunchy, although they sure don’t look like I spent a good $20 on the ingredients to make them (why is scratch baking so damn expensive?!). Anyway, I would probably give these a 6/10 with the patty case pod ones gaining a 9. However, having said that, Hubby just came in and announced that they are “The best cookies ever”. Ever? really? Better than the pods? “They’re the shizzle”. I have no idea what that means but I think it’s a compliment.

After the cookies were done I decided to make the most of having the camera and table set up to snap some pictures of the lovely bouquet I bought on Sunday. During weekends during the Kings Park Wildflower Festival you can buy cut native flowers reasonably cheap from the carpark near the boab tree. These bouquets are one of the highlights for me and I hang out for them. This year, being short on cash I had to make do with one of the smaller bunches but it’s still really nice. It has banksias of course (they’re my favourites) and some gorgeous magenta/purple Geraldton Wax flowers.

Geraldton Wax will always make me think of Nic, my first proper boyfriend. It doesn’t seem to matter that we’re both married now (not to each other) or how many years, boyfriends or kilos are between me and my 16 year old self, some little things just take me back to that time. Three things mainly – the smell of fresh rain, Crowded House and Geraldton Wax.

He’d been doing some summer school at UWA over the summer before we met and discovered some interesting chromosome stuff about Geraldton Wax. He was pretty obsessed with the plant. I was a bit ‘meh’ about it, preferring roses etc, but as I’ve gotten older, I have a fondness for the flowers.

I don’t know if I’m sentimental, a hoarder or just strange, but I still have the little bunch of them he cut and hand tied for my 16th birthday. I pressed them at the time and like many other plants I’ve collected and pressed over the years, it lives in an envelope in my display cabinet. I also have a fondness for just how sweet he was. Carrying a pocket knife everywhere (you’d get arrested these days) he often snipped flowers from gardens for me. I’ve never had a boyfriend since that brought me as many flowers as I got in those 3 months! Sure, I’ve received FAR more impressive bouquets but nothing stuck in my memory like those hand-tied wax flowers.

Hmmm…. so anyway, that was my little walk down memory lane. For the record I have a house full of dead flowers from lots of people, most notably from the bouquet of roses Jas gave me on our wedding day…so maybe I am just a hoarder after all.


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