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Made from the heart

Anyone that knows me well, and especially those that know me in person know that I’m a very crafty person (in both ways hehe!) and that I love handmade gifts and accessories.

From a very young age I’ve been into a little bit of everything – embroidery, sewing, floristry, baking, photography, jewellery making, writing. I’ve never been brilliant at any of them, but I give it a go and the things I make are often greeted with delight at the fact I took the time.

I was delighted when back in 2007 I stumbled across Etsy. For those that don’t know, Etsy is an online marketplace, born in America that allows arty/crafty people from all over the world to share and sell their wares via their own individual stores. Etsy has a very strong sense of community and you can lose hours on the site with all the wonderful things they have for you to learn, talk about, look at and play with.

 I’ve made some good friends on Etsy and I’ve certainly bought and received a lot of fantastic items.One of my fellow Etsy sellers, a lady called Jen from Brisbane has currently got a site called Bazaar where she features handmade sellers. It’s very bright and colourful and links through to each shop. Please have a look here, and make a pledge to buy handmade this year. After all, Christmas is coming!

P.S. I made the jewellery =)


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