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Getting there

I picked up the photos from Fitzgeralds’ lab today, the firts time I’ve ever had digital images printed at a pro lab – can you believe it? Anyway, they look fabulous – the colours really pop, such a novelty having them actually look like what I see on screen!

Several attempts at creating the cards ensued. I tried glue, double sided tape, mount board, paste board, no board, various cutting methods…7 prototypes later I’m onto a winner, I just need Jason to do the cutting for me because I can’t for the life of me cut anything straight. I must’ve missed the class in preschool or something LOL.

Here’s a very basic snapshot. This one has lovely metallic paper on the photo side and lustre on the logo side. It looks amazingly rich and detailed but unfortunately scratches easily – I will have to be careful.

Edited to add on 18/8/2010 9.54pm

Lustre ACEO


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