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Choc Pistachio cookie/brownie pod things

*nom nom* “these are ammmmmaaazzziiinnnggg Kell!!!”

The general consensus from the classmates that sampled them, prompting one lecturer to cautiously ask if they were ‘special’ treats. Well yes, I think 2 blocks of organic chocolate make them pretty special, but don’t worry, the only green ingredient is pistachios. =)

Once again, this is a recipe I’ve gotten from Jamieanne over at The Sweetest Kitchen. She got it in turn from the August issue of Delicious Magazine. When Jamie made it, they were cookies but as is usually the case with my baking, mine look nothing like the photo. This time it was due to my stubborness to go back to the shops for baking paper, deciding instead to use my patty pans (which had been bought in error one day when looking for cupcake pans).
The result from using the patty pans was a dome shaped object that prompted one classmate to gleefully ask if I’d made giant ‘pods’…no but that’s a cool idea I might try one day (especially in the absence of the Dove mint ones). These are like a brownie/cookie combo. Crispy on the bottom and like a dense cake on the top.
I used chopped up pieces of Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate in the cookie and I used the bowl of a teaspoon to coat the tops in melted Green & Blacks Maya Gold. I also chopped my pistachios a little so they went further. I didn’t have dutch cocoa so I used Cadbury Bournville.
These are one of the best biscuity things I’ve ever made. I’d like to make them again but they are a little pricey – what with the $8 worth of chocolate and all…not to mention the fat content (I got told off from somebody I’d sworn black and blue to that I was on a baking hiatus). They were worth it though.
Try out the recipe here and make your own adaptations =)

2 thoughts on “Choc Pistachio cookie/brownie pod things

  1. Thanks! This pic was taken with my Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens which allows me to get about 45cm away. I think this pic was taken at f2.8I'd hoped to have more to share, but I had 12 on a plate for Jas and he ate 10 before I knew it!

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