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More still-lifes and some business musings

Today I developed 2 rolls of Ilford HP5 400iso film that I shot over the last week. Some of the shots I tested digitally  whereas others, I decided to go completely ‘old school’ and only shoot them on film, putting trust in my handheld light meter. I know it seems like the most normal thing to do, use a handheld lightmeter, but for so many years I’ve just been in the habit of metering off my palm or a grey card using my camera on Program then resetting it to manual to take the photo – bracketing in the process. I’m very happy with the density of the negatives and look forward to seeing them in print as well as shooting more – maybe some 3200 rated at 1600 (?).


I’m starting to consider my business cards and sample items and it’s weighing on my mind. Firstly, to go with business cards or stick to mini cards? Either way I will get them done by MOO.I don’t have a logo for the business. I had one I designed myself and loved when I was Dragonfly Imagery  but right now, Blackcurrant only has the font used in the header….which I don’t mind, but I’m not sure you can just have a font as a logo. Anyone care to comment?

As for the sample images, obviously I need to get some prints made to show both the quality and to show off some of the images…but I’m also considering the presentation objects such as display books, mat sleeves etc. I want to have some samples to show people who may buy for Christmas gifts etc.

My dilemma is knowing that you have to spend money to make money, but not having much to spend. I don’t know whether to make samples in case somebody asks, make samples WHEN somebody asks or simply just provide a picture of what the presentation item LOOKS like…which of course relies on me being able to source this image from the supplier.

I also have to look into Etsy again and grasp a better understanding of how to sell photographs there as so far I’ve only sold jewellery and clothing. I’m considering making the most of Moo to produce some functional photo items to sell…but it all takes time.
I’m pulled in 2 directions right now. I want to make some money and get stuck into my business, but I also need to study – it’s the end of week 4 already. Just 6wks left of term and only 14wks until this course is over.

There’s so much to do and I really can’t work out where to start. I know nobody except me can decide this, but I do sometimes wish there was a decisions fairy! Preferably one that looks like the TimTam genie. I don’t like TimTams but I’ll have the genie thanks 😉



One thought on “More still-lifes and some business musings

  1. I would highly suggest focussing on your study while you are there. Yes you want to get into your business – I COMPLETELY understand. However, if you dont give all your energy into your study then you may miss an opportunity, or a good lesson. Concentrate on one thing at a time – for now at least. ;)As for selling prints, you can sell one at a time on Etsy, which will work well for re-listing once its sold (brings more traffic to your shop), and then you can re-list once youve sent it to the lab (so you know it will be ready to go when someone buys it.Its all very confusing and I feel the same ;)As for your logo – can you find a graphic design student at school? Do an exchange with them – photos for logo? If youre not sure, just use your business name – rather no logo than a half-hearted attempt I think. :)And we shall catch up very soon Kell.xox

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