Strawberry Shortcake

Kell Rowe 2010

Kell Rowe 2010

I hope you’re not too bored with all the food photos. I seem to be going through a phase. I can assure you it’s a very delicious phase! I cheated with this one – store bought butter shortbread and canned whipped cream. Trying to remember I’m a photographer, not a chef!

This was a digital test for my film images. It’s also the first image ever taken by me on my new camera. It’s very exciting to upgrade. My D70 served me well (and hopefully will contnue to do so). My Dad bought it (old camera) for me with money from the sale of our family home so it will always be special….but it was time to move on, especially as mobile phone cameras are starting to compete for quality, eek!

P.S. More test setups soon, they’re edited ready to post but I need some zzzzzzzz


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