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Brief encounters – part 1

One of my favourite classes last semester was a topic called “Originate & develop concepts”. Effectively it was an advertising style unit where we were presented with briefs from our ‘client’ and not only had to produce the final image but had to work on storyboards, liasing with our ‘client’ to get a final result and meet the brief.

I really enjoyed this unit and it was reminiscent of the outcomes based media and art classes I used to have back in my high school days at Kalamunda SHS.

Over the course of the semester, we had to create 3 final images. One was for kitchenware, another for a fashion-type accessory and the third was a mock Government advertisement to promote seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Brief :
Target market for campaign is the 18-35yo demographic with disposable income. The final images will we featured in publications such as GQ and Marie Claire (ironically when I went to research these publications I couldn’t find any kitchenware items!). Images to be photographed using mainly natural light. Objects other than the featured appliances may be used but the main focus should always be the kitchenware product.

My thoughts:
Great concept and I leapt headfirst into not only researching how other people had creatively photographed kitchenware objects, but also spent many hours skulking around homewares stores looking for inspiration and cool textured objects to add interest.
Oh man was this one a pain in the butt to shoot. I knew what it was I wanted to do but trying to create a natural light environment that wouldn’t reflect objects into the shiny metal tea-strainer was nothing short of a headache. The first time around, I tried to shoot in the back room using window light and all sorts of weird and wonderful arrangements involving alfoil, blutack, clamps etc.

It didn’t work out so I borrowed a 60mm micro lens from the college store and tried again. This time outside on a slightly overcast day. Again, a nightmare to shoot it. I think in the end, I had both the product and the camera under a nylon curtain and a complicated setup of diffusers and reflectors and still ended up having to Photoshop a little as the one reflection I couldn’t control was the one of the actual lens.

Here’s the final image

Kell Rowe

I love the concept, but if given time to shoot it again, I would approach it very differently and would certainly look into using a light-tent of sorts. It certainly made me think twice about my desire to get into product photography. I’m not completely turned off yet, but I did think twice!

On the upside, I got told this was about an 85% mark. I was told it was perfectly acceptable for a second year. So it passed, and being one of my first college assignments after a 10yr study break was pretty good, but it did spurr me on. Especially as I’m very competitive and wasn’t at all settled with a ‘perfectly acceptable’ score and told my lecturer that I’d be doing the best I could to shoot at a third year standard. Not easy and I don’t know if I’m anywhere close, but the intention is certainly there.


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