I’m not sure if I’m actually awake

But if I am, Hi. I’m very sleep deprived right now. Not well.

I’ve finished the first week back at TAFE or college or Tech or whatever the powers that be are calling it this week. Week 1 over already. Scary, considering there’s only about 18 weeks left of the school year. Eeek.

Some of the upcoming assignments sound really cool. I’m quite interested in the fibre based darkroom printing and am looking forward to working on something archival that may be used for an exhibition down the track. The photojournalism class sounds pretty awesome too (we work on a publication submission) and there’s another class where we’ll liase with music management students to produce PR images for a band. Totally the sort of stuff I always dreamed of doing.

Not so keen on the technical side of digital things and I know I need to learn it because it’s national framework etc etc but it’s not my cup of tea and besides being annoyed that Joe Bloggs can start a business with no training, a flash DSLR and a head of ideas, I’m concerned how I’ll get through it when I find it so tedious. But I suppose I had these concerns last semester and got through ok albeit slightly shell-shocked by the middle of June! And the lecturers are nice so you don’t want to let them down etc.
The architectural stuff too – I’m not so keen on the idea of lugging a large format camera around the city. Maybe if we still had some of the amazing buildings Perth used to have but I’m sure I’ll find something.

I’m not making much sense now so I’ll fill you in more later whilst I go nap, dream of my tax return and Tex Perkins (Aussie rock singer from The Cruel Sea). I’ve had “The honeymoon is over” on repeat for days. No reason, it’s just damn catchy and I like manly men that can sing with emotion, none of this silly R&B or poppy tween crap.

Ok, bye.


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