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In a purple haze

Look what I did today!

It’s been on my mind being researched for a long time and today I got a not-so-gentle push from my classmates and one of my fave lecturers. So I bit the bullet, went and had a long chat with some ladies at the Small Business Centre and their ATO representative and then went to register Blackcurrant Photography as my business name.

This evening I’ve also registered the ABN and a couple of domain names which I will, in time, point to this blog or vice-versa.

It’s been a really full on 12 hours and it’s yet to really sink in what’s ahead of me. But considering it’s now 11pm and I have an 8.30am class, I’ll update you more later.


P.S. My bank account is looking sick after all this, so donations of (decent) coffee, chocolate, food and trainfare are most welcome. πŸ˜‰


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