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During the last week of first semester, I decided to take advantage of having no formal classes and free access to the darkrooms and made an effort to go shoot my first roll of film in about 8 months.

I borrowed a great little Nikon F90X from TAFE which works great with my lenses, took off with a roll of Ilford 3200iso film with the intention of taking some rainy day images, and capturing some of the still remaining ‘beautiful places of Perth’ such as this building.

It’s been a good 8 years since I last used a film such as 3200 and I was using an unfamiliar camera whilst relying on a handheld light meter. In hindsight, I should have stuck with my tried and tested grey card or my usual practice of metering off my hand. I didn’t.
I processed the film by hand. Eeek! The negatives were horrible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a thin negative before. I could see detail – which was a pain in itself because I could tell they would’ve been good images if correctly exposed – but they would’ve been a complete waste of time trying to print in the wet darkroom.
Google to the rescue! Apparently thin negatives are the best to scan. Woohoo! TAFE has a fabulous professional scanner, so long after my classmates had taken off on their holidays, I stayed back scanning in the negs to edit during my own holidays.
Success! I had images with that amazing 3200 grain with details in both the highlights AND shadows. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve produced anything before that’s quite made me as gobsmacked as these did. I did ask another student if they ever had images they stared at and couldn’t believe they’d taken. They said “No.” Hmm it’d be nice to have that confidence, but still…
The thing I’ve gotten most used to and take for granted is my camera recording all the settings used (EXIF data). I have to rely on my memory for when these were taken (22 and 23rd June I think) and I’ve long since forgotten the settings. I’ll have to remember my notebook in future.
Anyway, here are the images.

Getting outside my confort zone and brazenly taking images of strangers.

and below is the one I was happiest with



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