Jason and I just spent the last weekend (9-12 July) ‘down south’ in Manjimup, staying with my Mum. It’s a gorgeous time of year to go, all the fields are green, the skies are moody and there are some great photo opportunities (more of that later).

On the way to Manji, we missed the turnoff. Not an easy feat considering there’s a bloody big sign that says “Manjimup” with lots of arrows. Anyway, having ignored that, we ended up at the big roundabouts that start you on your trip from Bunbury to Margaret River. After getting directions, we ended up going the back way to Donnybrook, via Capel (lovely drive by the way, I think on the map it’s called Goodwood rd or something).

I’ve been wanting to go to Capel for ages. Besides the tuart forest and wineries, it’s where our fabulous wedding photographers, Roger & Kirsty Clark of Envy Photography live and have their studio. With this in mind, and having enjoyed the accidental detour, I asked if it was ok to drop in on our way back.

Roger is both an AIPP & NZIPP Master Photographer and Kirsty has a bunch of AIPP awards too, including 2009 WA Wedding Photographer of the year. I can’t do them justice, just look at their website for the list! For the non photographers, Roger kind of has the 3rd dan black belt of photography….well that’s how I try to explain it. Intimidating company for a student to be in! Luckily they’re both very friendly and were happy to take a break from reorganising their office to have a chat over (fabulous) coffee where we heard all about their exciting trip as part of the Ride for Regional Kids and Roger and Jason compared new tattoos.

The house / studio is GORGEOUS by the way. I love going to houses of other artists. They always feel like somewhere you want to spend time and explore, rather than simply a room with stuff in it.

So thanks for your hospitality guys, it was a really nice way to end our trip.

For those readers who are looking for cutting edge wedding and portrait photography, Roger and Kirsty can be found via their website or their great blog, which along with their acclaim and photos is what won me over. That and the fact they didn’t bat an eyelid at a sunset Halloween wedding with a Bride in a purple dress and a Groom covered in skulls haha.

Whilst I’m at it, why not turn your speakers on and view our wedding photos, for old time’s sake? It might take a few mins to load but is well worth it! The soundtrack  is the song I walked down the ‘aisle’ to. =)



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