I hope that you find this page useful. If you have a question that isn’t covered, please email me or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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Who works at Blackcurrant?

Me! I’m Kell Rowe, I’m a sole trader and this is my own business. Sometimes I may have an assistant with me on photoshoots and this will be a friend with similar qualifications (if helping take photos), or my big muscly husband to carry my things for me and make sure nobody runs off with them whilst I’m busy photographing you.

What experience do you have?

I’ve been training in photography since 1997, starting with black and white film. In 1999-2000 I gained my Certificate IV in Photography (which is a nationally recognised qualification) from Central TAFE. I have worked with mini labs, ran my own portraiture business and have had extensive admin and customer service experience. In 2010 I returned to study and update my industry skills, gaining my Diploma of Photoimaging from Central Institute of Technology in Perth. This is also a nationally recognised qualification.

Can I blog your photos or add them to Pinterest?

Yes – If they are watermarked with my logo, if you credit with my name and website address and if you tell me about it!

How does your portraiture pricing work?

Blackcurrant works on the idea that you may like to add to your collection over time. I charge a little more at the start to cover the time I spend researching, preparing, meeting with you and to cover my expenses before, during and after you get in front of the camera. I then price my presentation items and prints considerably lower than some of my competitors, so they are reasonably attainable for you and not a hard sell for me. Your pricelist will be set for 90 days post shoot.

Do I have to sign anything?

When you make a portraiture enquiry and request a quote I will meet with you and provide you with a pricelist, your quote, order forms and a contract. The contract is very detailed and has to be signed at least 48hrs before your session. If I can’t meet with you, I will send PDFs for you to sign and return.

Who owns copyright?

I do and part of the contract states that your images will be used for my own marketing, self promotion, on the blog, website, in competitions, my own advertising etc. Images will not be given/sold to a third party without your prior written consent. The contract is very detailed and will give you all the information you need.

Can I buy the RAW files,  negatives or all the unedited images from the photoshoot?


Can I buy high resolution files on disk so I can print my own pictures?

In the interests of quality control (including colour matching) no, however you can purchase a USB drive of small watermarked images for emailing, using as part of on online gallery and viewing on devices such as your ipod.

Will my images have logos on them?

Yes, as this is part of my branding and image. Details of which products have which branding are on my pricelist. These are some examples, but placement may vary slightly depending on composition and the output size of the image – ie on a huge canvas the watermark will be proportionate. Most watermarks are low opacity.
I am happy to post you a printed sample for $5  (or will bring one along free to a face to face meeting).

© Kell Rowe 2011 www.blackcurrantphotography.com.au

My custom order fine art images have this watermark.

© Kell Rowe 2011 www.blackcurrantphotography.com.au

Canvas, iceblocks, acrylic framed, matted and framed prints have this watermark.

Here’s an idea of how it looks on a printed image. This matted picture is 5×7 inches in an 8×10 mat.

Fine art print in mat

I would like a portraiture quote, what information do you need?

Alternatively, call or email me with the following information:

  • Your first name and surname.
  • A contact phone number and details on when is best to call or text you.
  • Your email address and postal address.
  • Who will be photographed – names (and ages if under 18).
  • Rough idea of the date and where you want to be photographed.
  • Any potential deadlines to consider (ie birthdays, Christmas etc).

I will be in contact within 48hrs to set up a meeting to discuss your options, requirements, suitable times for best light etc.

When are you available to take my pictures?

I work on an appointment only basis and prefer ~ 3 weeks notice to prepare all your paperwork, research our location and get to know you. Whilst I will take your requirements into account, I will also advise on the best time of day to take your pictures based on lighting and other factors depending on location.

Why don’t you have your address or a landline on your website?

I work from my home in Perth, Western Australia. In the interests of security and privacy, I don’t publish my address. ! I’m happy to meet you in person or chat via the phone or internet. My invoices and paperwork have my address on them.

Are you a member of the AIPP?

No, however I embody many of their ethics and have based my contract on their suggestions.

How far will you travel to take my photographs?

Everywhere inside this red box. Everything outside it, I will be happy to discuss with you and quote you if I am able to travel.

I love your nature photography and would like to include some in my portraiture collection purchase. Can I?

I would love you to and am happy to apply a small discount for this. My fine art images carry this watermark.

© Kell Rowe 2011 www.blackcurrantphotography.com.au

My custom order fine art images have this watermark.

I want to display your photographs in my shop/cafe/office/hotel/surgery etc.

I’m flattered! You can purchase them as a custom order directly from me. Please request an order form. I do not have images available for you to display on a commission/consignment basis. However, if you are enquiring because you’d like to sell via your venue, please contact me as we may be able to work out a discount. All copyrights remain with me.

Can I on-sell photos I’ve purchased from you, your Etsy site or Redbubble (not under any wholesale or commercial agreements)?

I’d really prefer if you didn’t.

Do you photograph weddings?

I am available for Trash the Dress shots and engagement sessions. If you are planning to elope, I’m a kindred spirit (we eloped too!). Have a chat to me in this case because I may be able to make some suggestions and/or assist you with some photographs of your trip.

As a general rule I don’t provide wedding coverage. However, I have many industry colleagues that do (some heavily awarded) and am happy to suggest someone fabulous.

Will I get a Tax Invoice and what is your ABN?

On advice from the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) I am not registered for GST. You will receive an invoice but GST is not charged and it does not state ‘tax invoice’. My ABN is 59304159145.

Is there a minimum age for photoshoots?

For individual photoshoots children must be over 12 and if they are under 18 then a parent or legal guardian must be present.

Please do not bring along young family members not involved in the photoshoot – leave them in the care of a responsible adult and please do not bring an entourage.

If you are having an individual photoshoot, it is more than fine to bring a friend/parent/partner/chaperone, provided they don’t get in the way and don’t take their own photos. I might make them pull funny faces at you and hold stuff though…

What do I need to do before, or bring to a shoot?

I’ll let you know when we meet =)